Why Do We Need Parking at CTrain Stations?

There has been a lot of talk lately about the new Green line CTrain station that is supposed to run from the far north central part of the city all the way down to Seton by the South Hospital. It looks like the federal government is going to pay for a third of the estimated 5 billion dollar project. That is assuming that Justin Trudeau will honor former Prime Minister Harper’s commitment he made before being defeated in the recent election.

The city still needs to come up with it’s portion of the price tag, and ask the provincial government for it’s share. One would think that with all the lip service that the provincial NDP give to transit and green projects that their commitment should be a sure thing even though the province will have a large deficit for the foreseeable future.

One big issue that affects all CTrain stations is parking. The new line has to be planned properly to allow development around the stations while still providing adequate parking for people that don’t live within walking distance of a station. Lets face it, that is most of us and we are not about to jump on a bus to get to the CTrain station. That would mean we were riding transit for at least an hour both ways each day. No thank you.

The Mayor actually talks about this in this video and he seems to be on the right track in his thinking.

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