Great Video of Calgary from a Drone

If you have ever flown into Calgary from the south and been lucky enough to have a window seat on the left side of the plane, you know how beautiful Calgary looks from the air. Our downtown core looks much more impressive than what you would expect from a city of just 1.2 million people. I have been to most big American cities and we have a nicer skyline than most of them including Phoenix, Tampa, Orlando, San Diego, Miami and even Dallas.Those cities all have a larger population but probably don’t have the same concentration of head offices that Calgary has.

If it is a clear day, you can also see the mountains to the west and all the parks that span the entire city. Here is a professional looking video from a drone that was apparently hovering over the downtown last fall. I am not sure if that sort of thing is legal since you would be occupying air space that other aircraft might be using such as HAWCS and STARS.


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