Calgary Recreation

It always bugs me when people say that there is nothing to do in Calgary. It’s usually people from places like Toronto that say that, but it is just not true. I always ask them what they would be doing if they were in Toronto right now. They will say something like go to a festival – well we have tons of festivals in the summer. Then they say they would go to a musical or the symphony – guess what? We have those too. Next, it will be something like good restaurants. Are you kidding me? Is it even possible that there are no good restauants in Calgary? Concerts? Well we do miss a few because of the limitations of the Saddledome but we do get most of the good shows that go everywhere else.

For the most part the only thing they can come up with is go to an NBA or major league baseball game.

I will be adding some examples of great fun things to do in Calgary in the next few weeks.

COP is a great place to go in both the summer and winter. Here is a video of some people enjoying the Bobsled and ziplining in the summer.